Weekend A La Carte (5/18)


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Explore the World – Here’s a fascinating way to pass a few minutes. Using Google Map’s street view, you get dropped somewhere in the world and have to try to guess where you are.

Embarrassing Moments in Ministry – I haven’t been in ministry long enough to have a collection of embarrassing moments like these. Here’s hoping I avoid the worst of them!

Too Important to Outsource – There are many things in life we can outsource, but some are just too important and we have to do them ourselves. This article talks about the importance of parents discipling their own children.

Prepare Children for Times of Doubt – In a similar vein, C Michael Patton writes about how to prepare your children for times of doubt.

The Course of Christian History – Gospel Coalition asked four church historians this question: “After AD 70, what day most changed the course of Christian history?”

Working on a Sermon Saturday Night – There is some wise counsel for pastors in this article. “Many of the pastors that I interact with are frustrated that they are working on their sermons well into the weekend. If this is you consider applying the following principles to help you recapture your Saturdays.” Now, to go work on my sermon a bit…

The custom of sinning takes away the sense of it, the course of the world takes away the shame of it. –John Owen