Weekend A La Carte (5/25)

Forgive Us These Faults – Much has been said of late about “respectable sins,” to borrow Jerry Bridges’ phrase. Here Tim Keller looks to John Newton and describes a list of sins that we prefer to think are mere “foibles.”

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Texas Bible – This is kind of silly and kind of helpful. This Chrome extension replaces all of the Bible’s second-person plurals (i.e. “you”) with your choice of “y’all,” “youse guys” or some other regional way of distinguishing them. More helpfully, it replaces all occurences of The LORD with Yahweh.

When Beavers Were Fish – A little piece of history: “In the 17th century, the Bishop of Quebec approached his superiors in the Church and asked whether his flock would be permitted to eat beaver meat on Fridays during Lent, despite the fact that meat-eating was forbidden.”

The Beauty of Space – Every branch of science is beautiful, astronomy no less than others. This short piece from PBS is well worth watching (though you may find you also want to shout at the people to just acknowledge and praise a Creator!).

Providential Perspective – WORLD: “Homeschooler turned sportswriter Thomas Lake shares stories that are more than chance collections of circumstance.”

Is This Good News? – Michael Horton writes about the pope’s recent statements that so many people found surprising. “There is no way to reconcile the previous councils and papal pronouncements depriving non-Roman Catholics of salvation with the idea of the ‘anonymous Christian.’ Nevertheless, there it is. Not the development of dogma, as Cardinal Newman formulated, but the flat contradiction of dogma.”

It’s Not About the Nail – Funny!

As secret worship is better the more secret it is, so public worship is better the more public it is. –Matthew Henry