Weekend A La Carte (5/4)

Proud vs. Broken People – “Most of the Christian books, sermons and theological material that my father gave me as a boy failed to catch my attention; but, for some reason, I’ve never forgotten Nancy Demoss’ chart contrasting proud/broken people. I need this more today as a husband, father, pastor and friend than when I was young.”

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Busyness Is Not a Virtue – Some time ago I resolved never to say I’m busy and never to consider myself busy. This article helped reinforce that: “Going on about how busy you are isn’t conversation and doesn’t lead anywhere–except making your conversation partner bored, or worse, peeved. People who act super busy send the same message, making time spent with them never feel quite whole.”

Kim Jong-un Looking At Things – Because it is the weekend I think I can get away with posting something this ridiculous. It’s simply a collection of photos of the dear respected leader looking at things. Apparently he looks at things a lot. And while we are on the subject of North Korea, Frontline Missions has a persecution update to guide you as you pray for the nation.

Churches Cooperating in Discipline – Jonathan Leeman says “Yes, autonomous local churches really can cooperate in church discipline. No, they typically don’t. But, yes, they should!” 

The Twidiocracy – This is a long article, but worth the time commitment. He’s up-front about his bias: “I’m not a Twitter fan. In fact, I outright despise the inescapable microblogging service, which nudges its users to leave no thought unexpressed, except for the fully formed ones (there’s a 140-characters-per-tweet limit).”

The method of the evil one is to obscure himself behind some other object of worship. –G. Campbell Morgan