Weekend A La Carte (7/23)

Whole Hearts – Matt Hammitt is looking for your help in establishing the Whole Hearts Foundation to support the families of children with congenital heart defects. Pepsi is tallying votes and will make a donation to the organization that gets the most votes. You can visit the link to read more and to cast your vote. (Check out my interview with Matt right here)

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What to Say – What to say when you are about to die for Christ. (HT)

Who Dieth Thus – Worth thinking about (and singing about): “Our generation doesn’t like to think about death. The church has largely handed over death to doctors and funeral directors and cemeteries. There once was a time when death was an integral part of church life and worship, hence the cemeteries on church property.”

Paul’s Downward Trajectory – This is a good little post from Justin Holcomb.

A Lost Son – A father pursues a lost son.

The Most Beautiful Waves – Here is a photo gallery worth checking out.

Ignorance of the Scriptures is the root of all error. –J.C. Ryle