Weekend A La Carte (8/31)


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To-Do Lists, Plans, and God’s Will – “In my ideal world, I would have my to-do list completed at the end of each day. My plans would go smoothly, with no interruptions or unexpected events. And my memory would be so good, I wouldn’t need to put post-it notes everywhere as a backup in case I forget to read my to-do list.”

A Prayer for the Forgotten Church – Here is a prayer for the forgotten church in Syria.

Pisces III – Here’s the rather dramatic story of a nearly forgotten incident. “Forty years ago two British sailors plunged almost 1,600ft into an abyss, 150 miles off Ireland, in a deep-sea submersible. Trapped in a 6ft-diameter steel ball for three days, the men had only 12 minutes of oxygen left when they were finally rescued.”

You Do Not Labor in Vain – “I regularly preach about work and must confess: It is easy to share stories of executives, doctors, and engineers and forget that the most common occupations in America are retail salesperson and cashier. A series of recent conversations with Millennials reminded me that even among professionals, there is a chasm between Christian rhetoric and reality.”

Authentic Community Conference – If you are in Southern or Western Ontario, you may want to check out the Authentic Community Conference in Cambridge.

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Exist – I always marvel at articles like this that go right to the edge of demanding the existence of God but then ascribe it all to chance or fate or luck or something else. Just not God.

Christian love is not the victim of our emotions but the servant of our will. –John Stott