Weekend A La Carte (April 13)

The Kindle deals keep rolling; as usual, Saturday’s focus seems to be on some classics.

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(Yesterday on the blog: How to Encourage that Preacher)

Must Women Really Keep Silent in the Churches?

Denny Burk looks at a tricky text and whether or not it’s just a cultural command. He provides a compelling interpretation and explanation.

“Not Tonight Dear” … Men Rejected

Ed Welch: “Men are wretched at dealing with rejection. Women are not good at it either. But at least they are more prone to talking about it, or they are vulnerable enough to be sad. Men tend to go silent or get angry. I want to get to sexual rejection—wives who seem to reject their husband’s sexual advances—but first, a warm-up illustration.”

Siblings (Video)

I’m not in the habit of linking to commercials, but this one is a lot of fun to watch. There’s just something about siblings…

It’s Time to Panic About Privacy

I’m not convinced panic is quite called for, but I do think we’re going to have a lot of regrets about how we’ve given away so much privacy in the past few years.

When the Bible Confronts Your Confirmation Bias

I think the toughest time to interpret the Bible correctly is when we believe it says what we want it to say. “Proverbs 18:17 forces us to stay silent until we know the truth. This means doing something counter-cultural in the social media era–don’t share stories or your opinion about a story until you have investigated its truthfulness. ‘This sounds true to me’ is not enough. ‘I’ve heard of other stories like this’ will not suffice. Allow the story to be cross-examined. Hear the other side of the story so clearly that you can articulate it yourself. Only then should you speak up and Solomon has plenty to say about how you do.”

Three Reasons the Deaf Need Scripture in Sign Language

Fascinating: “The Deaf Bible Society estimates at least 95 percent of sign languages have no Bible translation. You might think, ‘Well, a written Bible is available—why can’t they just read that?’ But there are three important reasons that text-based Scripture is not ideal—and in some instances not even feasible—for ministry among the world’s seventy million Deaf.”

The Brave New World of Bible Reading

Trevor Sutton reflects on a world in which even Bible reading is now digital-first. “I was teaching a class and asked for someone to read a Bible verse. As soon as the student had opened his Bible app and located the verse, his digital tablet—and Bible—died. This declaration made me realize we are living in a brave new world of Bible reading.”

Flashback: Theological Black Holes

He surrounds us with people who can speak with loving authority and experienced firmness of all of their attempts and failures, and who can guide us back to the straight path.

Prayer is as natural an expression of faith as breathing is to life. —Jonathan Edwards