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Weekend A La Carte (April 4)

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Did Jesus suffer God’s wrath for all, or only the elect? R.C. Jr: “Just for the elect. This truth is hard for some people for a what seems like a good reason—It shows God treating people unequally.”

On a similar note, I appreciate the way Douglas Wilson approaches Roger Olson’s diatribe against Calvinism.

What is the The Post-Indiana Future for Christians? “Our culture has lost the ability to reason together, because too many of us want and believe radically incompatible things.”

Marvin Olasky has a good article titled Cultural Hardball. “In an increasingly hostile culture, pastors and Christian ballplayers both face brushback pitches. Will they stand up to the pressure?”

And while we’re on the subject of baseball, this is worth reading if you’re a baseball fan: No Runs, No Hits, New Era. It talks about the dominance of pitching in today’s game.

Shell Shock is a fascinating (and tragic) look at a couple of tragic figures from the First World War. “They were twin sisters and scions of New York society. They were writers. They were Red Cross volunteers in the War To End All Wars. And on the way home from France, they leaped into the icy water.”

I’m grateful to P&R for sponsoring the blog this week with their article Does the Devil Have Your Ear?

Finally, today is a good day to ponder The Silence of God.


The first great and primary business to which I ought to attend every day is to have my soul happy in the Lord.

—George Müller

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