Weekend A La Carte (December 16)

Today’s Kindle deals include a few more books, but December has been rather slow for deals, hasn’t it?

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Let Your Pastor’s Wife Be Herself

This is a great article for every member of a congregation to read.  Love your pastors wives well!

Silent Suffering in an Instagram World

“Sometimes, we suffer in silence unnecessarily. We’re too embarrassed, ashamed, or prideful to admit what’s really going on. We shudder to think about anyone finding out, afraid they’ll reject us if they know, so we refuse to tell the truth, put on a mask, and pretend everything is fine. These are the times when we rob ourselves of the comfort and strength that can come from sharing our pain in a safe place, hiding behind sinful pride when we could be helped greatly from the humble vulnerability that says, Everything is not okay, and I need you to pray for me.

Did Adam Have Enough Time to Name All the Animals?

“Some people argue that the activities assigned to Adam on the sixth day, described in Genesis 1:26-28 and Genesis 2:19-20, were too many for him to have been completed in a single 24-hour day. The activity of naming all the animals, in particular, would have needed much more time. And if he couldn’t have done it in 24 hours, then this would contradict the literal interpretation of the six days of creation, forcing us to opt for a non-literal interpretation of these days.”

No, Black Women Didn’t Save Evangelicalism

Alastair offers a critique of intersectionality. “As Christians, it is profoundly important that we retain and develop a proper Christian concern for the victim, while being alert to the totalitarianism of the new ‘victimology’ that prevails in our culture. One of the things that this demands from us is a greater alertness of the dangers of allowing a proper moral concern for the victim to be perverted into a moral elevation of victims themselves, as if suffering mistreatment from society meant that one should enjoy privileged moral status.”

8 Marks of True Reformers

“The reformation anniversary confetti has all been swept up. Some of us have heard a lot lately about the reformers and how God used them to help move the church toward greater faithfulness in their day. But what will it look like to be a reformer today?”

Tale as Old as Time

“Not many kids grow up with their family lives printed in the morning newspaper. For Glen Keane, it was a daily guarantee – in fact, his family was not only featured, they were literally circled in print. His father, Bil Keane, began the popular comic The Family Circus in 1960. Glen himself was his father’s inspiration for the character of Billy, the comic’s oldest boy in the family.”

Worthy YA: the Best Teen Reads of 2017

Here’s a list of some of the best teen reads from 2017.

Flashback: Hate What God Hates

God is not only love. The God who loves must also hate. The God who loves all that is good and pure and holy must hate all that is evil and defiled and perverse. And, not surprisingly, the Bible tells us of many things that ignite the wrath of God.

It must not be expected that the devil will let those rest who are laboring to destroy his kingdom. —Thomas Watson