Weekend A La Carte (December 21)

Today’s Kindle deals include several books, among them John Stott’s excellent “commentary-devotionals” on Romans.

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(Yesterday on the blog: 7 New and Notable Books for December)

2019: A Christian Music Review

Every year Jeremy Howard writes up a list of the best Christian music of the past 12 months. Every year I link to it (even though I disagree with a fair bit of it).

Twelve Million Phones, One Dataset, Zero Privacy

The NY Times did some investigative reporting, and what they found is startling.

Does the Bible Forbid My Nativity Set?

John Piper answers the question. While I appreciate many of his points about images of God in worship and in cathedrals, I’d have appreciated a little more on the issues as they pertain to baby Jesus. Still, here’s his view on nativity sets.

Don’t Ban The First Temptation of Christ, Just Don’t Watch It

Here’s the case for not calling for bans of offensive material, but instead reacting privately according to conscience.

I Will Pray, But Have You Actually Shared the Gospel With Them?

Don’t miss the evangelistic opportunities that may come over the holiday season! “Christmas is an incredible time of the year. People give more, they grieve more, they sing more, they eat more and spend more time with family. And I have found that Christians in particular become more evangelistic. I know this because I get more prayer requests and get asked for advice more around the holidays.”

Chairchallenge Highlights Male/Female Divide

In its own way, a silly viral challenge is showing that men and women are different.

Plants and Pillars, Sun and Moon, Sons and Daughters, One Glory and Another

This is wonderful stuff from Abigail Dodds. “To raise humble, confident, steely-spined, God-fearing, Christ-adoring, Word-loving daughters is impossible—except that it’s absolutely not. It’s exactly the sort of thing God is known for and we should anticipate from him by faith.”

Flashback: 6 Practical Ways to Honor Your Parents

God calls every child of every age to show honor to our parents, to refuse to dishonor our parents. He calls us to honor them as the outflow of honoring him…In what ways is God calling you to show honor to your parents?

Prayer crowns God with the honor and glory due to His name, and God crowns prayer with assurance and comfort. The most praying souls are the most assured souls. —Thomas Brooks