What Was the Star and How Did the Wise Men Know To Follow It?

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What was the star and how did the wise men know to follow it?

These are questions people are curious to have answered, especially this time of year. During the Christmas season, many who are hostile to anything Biblical, won’t object to hearing about the “Christmas Story”. Often, they welcome it with curiosity! When would be a better opportunity for some undercover evangelizing than when gathering with our friends and family during Christmas week?

Imagine yourself at a home, announcing you recently read something interesting about the first Christmas. You explain how you always wondered about the star of Bethlehem and about those “wise men”. Why were they “wise” and why were they interested in following a star—let alone able to follow it.

What you learned was mind-blowing and you would like everyone to gather around for a few moments while you share what you discovered! Not many will reject your offer during Christmas time. I have had family and friends, who usually don’t want to hear anything about the Bible, sit down attentively and participate while I take them down the road to Bethlehem with the wise men.

My prayer is this Christmas the Lord will bless you and yours by giving you the privilege of sharing the greatest story ever told! I want to provide you with this free interactive study I have used frequently. It also includes interactive discussion questions, suitable for believers and unbelievers alike, to keep everyone attentive and unglued from their smartphones.

I highly recommend leading people through this text, as it keeps things interactive and is a dynamic way to spend time with your loved ones. A YouTube video is provided as well for those with stage fright, but please use it as a last resort. I trust the Lord will bless you and those around you as you lead people through this text and the discussion questions.

Read the interactive study.