Weekend A La Carte (December 23)

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The Christmas Miracle of the Incarnation of the Omnipresent Word

“Every year at this time as we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus to the virgin Mary, I don’t suppose it occurs to too many merrymakers that what they’re really celebrating is the incarnation. All of the other miracles are in service of that central miracle: God became man. And in becoming, through spiritual conception, the man Jesus of Nazareth, the Word of God did not cease to be God. Baby Jesus, from the moment of conception to the straw habitation of the manger, was fully God and fully man. That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.”

Eligibility and the Canada Summer Jobs Program

“Who is thinking about summer when we haven’t even celebrated Christmas? The Federal Government is, and as a Christian you should be too. Why? Because next summer many Christian churches, charities and para-church organizations will be unable to hire summer students. This is because of government changes to eligibility for the Canada Summer Jobs program.”

How To Betray Your Wife, Destroy Her Self-Worth, And Implode Your Marriage In One Easy Step

You wouldn’t want to, of course, but so many husbands do.

What’s the Deal With Airline Food?

I spend a lot of time on planes, so enjoyed this article. “Airline food: butt of jokes, favorite subject of ’90s stand-up comedy routines, butt of jokes about ’90s stand-up comedy routines. It’s also the passion of Nikos Loukas, the primary voice behind the 4-year-old website Inflightfeed.com and its associated Instagram account, a hypnotic scroll of seat-back trays and tiny wine bottles that counts more than 12,000 followers.”

9 Things You Should Know About Christmas Traditions

Joe Carter shares 9 things you should know about various Christmas traditions.

My Philosophy of Preaching the Word in Corporate Worship

Geoffrey R. Kirkland talks about the four  features that drives his philosophy of preaching.

Mary, Did You Know? What the Catholic Church Believes About the Mother of Jesus

Tom Schreiner helps us understand the Catholic view of Mary in opposition to the Protestant view.

Flashback: Why We Know So Little About Jesus’ Birth

When it comes to the birth of Jesus, we get all the details we need to understand one thing with the utmost clarity: Jesus comes as the least.

Matthew’s genealogy includes the outcast, scandalous, and foreigner. The family Jesus comes from anticipates the family he has come for. —Sam Allberry