Weekend A La Carte (February 16)

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Sex Abuse Among Southern Baptists

Keith Whitfield: “As Southern Baptists, we have to come to face reality: These reports show a systemic problem spanning decades of neglect in handling abuse cases in our local churches and through our cooperative structures. While some of these same issues may be present in churches outside the SBC, this is the moment the Lord has appointed for us to deal with them in our cooperative family of churches. The SBC faces a moral crisis as big (if not bigger) than the theological crisis we faced over the ‘battle for the Bible’ in the 1970s–1980s. The theological crisis called us to protect the faith; this challenge calls us to live it.”

A Dalit’s Dilemma

WORLD reports on a difficult situation in India. “For Dalits—formerly known as ‘Untouchables’—in rural southern India, officially declaring their Christian faith comes with a cost: Leaving Hindu caste identity requires Dalit Christians to abandon government benefits such as free college tuition and potential job opportunities.”

How Did We Get the Five Points of Calvinism? (Sponsored Link)

How did we get the five points of Calvinism? In his newly released book, Saving the Reformation, W. Robert Godfrey takes us back four hundred years to the Synod of Dort, which gave us the five points and preserved the theology of the Reformers. This book includes a new translation and pastoral commentary on the Canons of Dort to help make these vital truths more accessible to a new generation. Watch this brief video clip to learn more or visit Ligonier.org to order the hardcover or ebook edition.

Witchcraft, Spiritual Powers and New Life in Christ Jesus

This one comes from TGC Australia: “In the light of the transforming power of the Gospel we must consider and the revelation of God both about himself, the world we live and the powers of darkness at work in the world a better understanding of this cosmic struggle of satanic influence known as ‘witchcraft’ is an important consideration for all who call themselves Christian and live throughout Africa.”

Gospel of the Happy God

“‘Happy’ doesn’t quite sound right to our ears, does it? It’s not quite a good enough word for this kind of thing. It’s a word that seems to be more about circumstances than character. But according to Knibb according to Spurgeon according to me, it really catches what Paul’s after here: the good news that God is blessed; the gospel of the happy God.”

A Statement from Al Mohler

Al Mohler has apologized for and asked forgiveness for what he now sees as errors in his handling of concerns raised about C.J. Mahaney and his organization of churches.

Pleasures Never Lie: Why Sin Cannot Stay Hidden

Jon Bloom: “For me, the last line is the zinger: pleasures never lie. It has stuck in my brain for over two decades. Like a sharp knife, it cuts through a lot of my baloney and gets right to the heart of the matter: what matters to my heart.”

5 Myths about Christian Publishing

Here are a few myths about Christian publishing.

Flashback: How To Be Conformed to the World

Worldliness is like gravity, always there, always pushing down on you, always exerting its influence on you. As a Christian you are charged with resisting it day by day. You must and you can.

The gospel is so simple that those who complicate it are doing the Devil’s work. —Burk Parsons