Weekend A La Carte (February 20)

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(Yesterday on the blog: There Is Only Ever Today)

3 Values That Drive Social Media

“Values matter, and not just our own but also those people and institutions with whom we interact. The values that undergird your church, your children’s school, and, yes, even your preferred social media platform affect your life.”

Does God Predestine People to Hell? (Video)

Robert Godfrey answers in video form.

The Ingenuity of The ‘Ha-Ha’

This article discusses one of England’s amusing little quirks: the “ha-ha.”

Canadian Pastor Jailed Over COVID-19 Violations

Here is CT’s coverage of the arrest of pastor James Coates in Edmonton, Alberta. “The case of GraceLife Church pastor James Coates has reignited a religious freedom debate over worship gatherings during government lockdowns. GraceLife Church in Edmonton, after shifting to livestream for the first few months of pandemic, resumed worship over the summer and has met every Sunday ‘without incident,’ it says. But authorities repeatedly flagged the church for not capping attendance at 15 percent of capacity, requiring masks, or social distancing, as required by health regulations in Alberta.” (Also see this article from TGC Canada: What You Need to Know about the Arrest of Pastor James Coates.)

Did God Praise the Hebrew Midwives for Lying?

Keith Mathison: “It is not uncommon for people to bring up the story of the Hebrew midwives when the topic of lying is raised. It usually arises when someone asked whether it is ever justifiable to lie. A common version of this question concerns the Nazis. If you knew where Jews were hiding back during WWII and Nazis showed up at your door asking whether you knew where any Jews were hiding would it be justifiable to lie to them? Then the example of the Hebrew midwives comes up as an example of God praising lies.”

The Pain of Pretended Omniscience

“There can be little doubt that in the present day most of us are awash with knowledge and parched for wisdom. We have rationalised the processes for understanding until we assume answers, are impatient with the process of learning, and struggle to confess genuine ignorance. We are constantly consuming unfiltered and mostly insignificant information, and are fearful of moments and movements escaping our attention. In this post I want to explore one element of this phenomenon – the pain of pretended omniscience when it comes to social media, the sense of knowing too much about matters we can do nothing to change, and some of the anxieties and problems this can present us with emotionally and spiritually.”

Flashback: Deadly Doctrines: Facing Evil Like Snakes and Doves

Satan has opposed the church since the day of its founding, and he will continue to oppose her until the day of his destruction.

A feeble faith may move molehills; it takes a stalwart faith to move mountains. —Theodore Cuyler