Weekend A La Carte (February 25)

My gratitude goes to TGC for sponsoring the blog this week to let you know about another series of their always-interesting Good Faith Debates.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Navigating the Space between Singleness and Marriage)

Hope for Those Tempted to Control Their Children’s Spiritual Lives

This is so important. “So much of our parenting is built on control, which is not always a bad thing. We want to control the influences around our child, so we don’t let them watch inappropriate TV shows. We filter the internet in our home, we get to know the parents of the friends they hang out with, and we tell them not to walk anywhere alone or to talk to strangers. But control in parenting can easily take a negative turn.”

‘No Celebrities Except Jesus’: How Asbury Protected the Revival

Hopefully you’ve got the ability to read this article at CT about the revival and how the administration at Asbury did their best to foster and protect it.

From WEIRD to Absurd

“As I watch the debates in Scotland, and talk with my Anglican friends – agonizing as they are over the implications of their bishops’ absurd decisions around same-sex blessings – I grieve but also feel a growing conviction that we shouldn’t take any of this too seriously. The devil loves to be taken seriously, he hates to be mocked. What we are living through is ridiculous, absurd, and passing.”

One Year Later, Moscow Pastor Says, ‘I Know God Is Going to Judge Us All’

“The first week after Russia began ‘special military operations’ in Ukraine, Russian pastor Evgeny Bakhmutsky couldn’t sleep.” My Worship Round the World journey was meant to take me to this church though, for obvious reasons, we’ve had to go elsewhere.

Facts Don’t Care About Your Healings

This is yet another interesting and challenging reflection from Samuel James.

Rethinking the Value of Potential

Melissa has “noticed that a common pro-life talking point needs reforming.”

Flashback: Only the Christian Faith Begins At the Top

Only the Christian faith begins at the top. We are made right with God first, then obey his law as it is suspended from above, as it is revealed from the heavens.