Weekend A La Carte (February 4)

My gratitude goes to Boyce College for sponsoring the blog this week to tell you (and the young folk in your home) about their upcoming D3 Winter Conference.

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Westminster Books has launched a new season of their interview series and they interviewed me on Seasons of Sorrow.

There are, indeed, some new Kindle deals today.

(Yesterday on the blog: Into the Light)

Do Affections Provide Assurance?

Erik Raymond: “Where do you look for assurance of salvation? Or, to put it another way, what causes you to question your assurance?”

Surviving the Winter of Suffering

Lara writes transparently here: “During a blizzard of suffering, I drew the blinds down in my heart. I pulled inward so I could survive. I eked out a small corner for myself and gave the bare minimum to the world. I didn’t know any other way forward. I met the needs of my family, I checked off the homekeeping list, and then I crawled back into the darkness.”

What was God doing before creation? (Video)

Michael Reeves answers here, though if you’ve read Delighting in the Trinity you already know the answer.

Be of Good Cheer, Your Seasons Are In God’s Hands

“More than ever before, I’m recognizing how the external, visible things we present to the world have their own hidden life cycles. When we see the perfectly executed cheer routine, the long-awaited novel hit the shelves, or the new business launched, that’s harvest day. It’s that moment we’ve dreamed of and longed for, but it’s only a fraction of the process. It took months of planting, watering, and tending to make harvest day possible.”

Productive Christians: Worth Imitating

“Last week in Romania a 2000 year old, fully intact, Roman road was discovered. It was well-built and intact. Many Roman era roads are still used today. This road was built in 106AD. For generations, Roman road engineering was passed down from one builder to another. Imitation provided longevity in the passing down of this skill.”

Why should I Forgive?

Guy Richard is beginning a series on forgiveness. The first entry is already helpful.

Flashback: The Only Tears In Heaven

What greater promise do we have than this, that in a moment God will comfort all sorrow, that his tender hand will wipe away not just some tears, but every tear?