Weekend A La Carte (January 6)

Today’s Kindle deals include a couple of books you may want to look at.

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(Yesterday on the blog: a list of my picks for some of The Best CCM Debut Albums)

An EPIC Evening in Belfast

I will be in Belfast on January 30 and would love to meet you for an informal drop-in event at the Evangelical Bookshop. I am dedicating 2018 to traveling the world for my EPIC church history project and am making a stop in Northern Ireland. Why don’t you come by and say hello? There will be questions and answers, refreshments and giveaways, and, of course, books!  Stay tuned for other locations and dates around the world as I travel.

Indelible Grace

Indelible Grace is doing a live-streamed concert tonight on Facebook. Starts at 7 pm!

Don’t Make Your Pastor Groan

“It is hard to pin down what is difficult about pastoral ministry for people unfamiliar with it. Many laypeople see their pastor once or twice a week during Lord’s Day worship or a church activity. A few may see him more frequently if they are involved in volunteer ministry or are being discipled or counseled personally by the pastor. So while we sometimes joke about the congregation that thinks their pastor works only one day a week—and even then, he’s just talking—the stereotype of the pastor who ‘gets no respect’ is regrettably a very real thing.”

What You Should Know About the Iranian Protests

This is a good article outlining the basic facts about the Iranian protests you’ve been hearing about.

Pixar Did You Know? (Video)

“Behind every Pixar story is a whole other story. Here’s a peek at what could’ve been!” In most cases, they made the right decision.

Two Dying Memoirists Wrote Bestsellers About Their Final Days. Then Their Spouses Fell in Love.

“The story of Lucy Kalanithi and John Duberstein is both unlikely and destined, the stuff of a rom-com. It begins, tragically, on a deathbed.”

The Collection (Video)

“Two friends stumble upon a unique and valuable piece of motion picture history in Omaha, Nebraska.” It’s kind of a neat story, this.

For Kraft, Brady and Belichick, is This the Beginning of the End?

Football fans or sports fans will enjoy this one. “Belichick always had a vision for how, after more than four decades in the NFL, he wanted to walk away, beyond setting up the team at quarterback. He wanted his sons, Brian and Steve, both Patriots assistants, to be established in their football careers. And he wanted the winning to continue without him, to have a legacy of always having the best interests of the franchise in mind. Both Brady and Belichick have redefined how much influence a coach and quarterback can have on a team game. But this year has shown that the legacy of football’s greatest coach, like the game itself, is beyond his control.”

Flashback: When Your Goodness Goes Splat

When we think about our own goodness, we always compare ourselves to others. It’s not that we are good by any objective standard; we are good compared to the parent, the neighbor, the stranger, the criminal. We choose our comparisons carefully.

A commitment to holiness means having a life that is always ready for company and open for inspection. —Nancy Leigh DeMoss