Weekend A La Carte (January 7)

There’s a good collection of deals at CBD this weekend. They include the ESV Story of Redemption Bible in 3 variations (1,2,3); ESV Prayer Bible; ESV Scripture Journal complete set; ESV Journaling Bible. There are a lot of last year’s best books as well: Blessed by Nancy Guthrie; The Thrill of Orthodoxy by Trevin Wax; The R.C. Sproul Signature Classics box set; Men We Need by Brant Hansen; Heaven Rules by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth; etc. Also my own Seasons of Sorrow.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Always Longing)

9 Things You Should Know About Events and Discoveries in 2022

Joe Carter rounds up some of the fascinating events and discoveries from 2022 that you may have missed.

The Basics — The Holy Trinity

Kim Riddlebarger shares some of the basic theology of the Trinity—perhaps a good opportunity for you to brush up on what the Bible tells us.

In Christian Publishing, ‘Platform’ Is Being Weighed and Found Wanting

Christianity Today has quite an interesting article about the ways in which publishers expect their authors to have a platform before having a book published.

Bear One Another’s Burdens All the Way to Christ

“We are to bear one another’s burdens, but we are not to try to hold those burdens indefinitely. We need to find a place that the burdens can land longterm. And God provides that place for us…”

Send Cards to Fight Back against the Winter Blues

Here’s an idea that could be a blessing to you and to others (especially if it’s cold and gloomy winter where you are): send cards to fight back against the winter blues.

Make Christianity Hard Again

That’s the idea of this article: counter a drab and uninspiring form of Christianity with one that is demanding.

Flashback: Have You Read a Book Yet This Year?

A new year presents an ideal opportunity to address some bad habits, to interrupt some apathy, to start something fresh. And with all that in mind, I wonder: Have you read a book yet this year?