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Weekend A La Carte (July 10)

May the Lord of peace grant you his richest blessings this weekend.

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My gratitude goes to Getty Music for sponsoring the blog this week with news of their upcoming worship conference. It’s going to be amazing!

The Scenes They Leave Out

“I don’t know who does the dishes at the Avengers HQ. I don’t know when they eat, or what. I’m also not sure how many bathrooms the Millennium Falcon has, but if I had to guess, it’s probably one small one with drain clogging issues and I bet Han Solo has to wait a long time for Chewbacca to wash his hair. I guess we’ll never know, though, because the movies don’t tell us.” From here Seth Lewis discusses the ordinary nature of life.

The Essence of Ministry

“What is most essential to your life? What is your focus? Or what do you wish filled your time?” Here’s a brief quiz to help you figure it out.

We Probably Need to Stop Saying ‘Prayer Works’

That’s not because prayer doesn’t work, but because the statement may be a little bit misleading. “why do I think we need to stop saying ‘prayer works’? I mean, I do think it works, after all. The thing is, I think it works like it is supposed to work. I don’t think it works in the sense that whenever I ask for stuff I always get what I want. But it is that latter idea that many people seem to hear whenever ‘prayer works’ gets voiced.”

Should the Government Regulate Social Media?

Should the government regulate social media? That’s a tricky question and one that seems like it will stick around for a long time. “Social media and the outsized influence of technology companies on our public discourse is one of the rare bipartisan points of agreement in society today. But there is little agreement on the particulars.”

Do for Others What Has Been Done for You (Video)

“When we understand how our Master has served and cared for us, how can we be unwilling to serve others in His name? In this brief clip, Sinclair Ferguson reflects on Jesus’ washing the feet of His disciples.”

Christians Create in Response to Creation

Have you considered before that our creativity is a response to the creativity of God?

A Sobering Thing Happened in the New Age Section

“Why in the world was I in the New Age section? It all began with a dream dictionary. Now when I say dream dictionary, I am talking about a book that was published for Christians to purchase so that they can try and interpret their dreams and visions…”

Flashback: Are You Living Worthy of the Gospel?

How can we actually live in a way that is worthy of the gospel of Christ? Is that even a possibility?

The giving way to a less sin makes way for the committing of a greater.

—Thomas Brooks

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