Weekend A La Carte (July 17)

May the Lord of peace grant you his richest blessings as you serve him and delight in him this weekend.

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Today’s Kindle deals include some classics as well as at least one newer work.

My gratitude goes to RHB for sponsoring the blog this week to tell you Four Reasons Why Your Family Needs Genesis.

(Yesterday on the blog: Devotional Options For Those Who Have Fallen Behind)

Almost Home (Official Lyric Video)

This new hymn from Matt Papa and Matt Boswell brought a tear to my eye.

Stay on Mission—Even in the Later Years

Susan Hunt wants older Christians to know “a living hope fixed on Christ makes us missional even in old age.”

What Does the Church Most Need Today?

“What does the church most need today? In answering this important but rather general question, Psalm 81 is uniquely important and helpful.” So says Robert Godfrey.

3 Simple Reasons We Believe Misinformation

“The young people who make up Gen Z are supposed to be smarter about this kind of stuff than their Boomer parents or grandparents, right? How are these internet curators and trend-setters getting duped themselves? In many of the same ways that we all can get tricked by news or other information we see online…”

Jesus Owns Your Phone: How Christ Frees Us from Screen Slavery

Dan Crabtree: “Brothers and sisters, we are not our own, so let’s use our phones like we’re owned. Let’s ask Jesus how he would have us to use these powerful little devices rather than asking our own fickle, sinful hearts. Let’s be owned by the one who owns us rather than our phones.”

Will I Suffer More If I Follow Jesus?

“Why will God allow us to suffer as Christians if that suffering will harm our faith?” John Piper takes on the question in a recent episode of Ask Pastor John.

Flashback: An Army Without Supplies

When we thank missionaries for their service, we should not withhold gratitude from those who serve in support roles. Each of them is every bit as called as the ones who go to plant new churches and win new converts.

We can always think of some “good” reason why in any particular case we need not forgive. But that is always an error. —Leon Morris