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Free Stuff Fridays (RHB Publications)

This week’s Free Stuff Friday is sponsored by RHB Publications. Everyone who enters the prize draw will also get a free eBook of Jonathan Landry Cruse’s highly praised, What Happens When We Worship.

In addition, three of you who enter will receive a copy of all the following new titles from RHB:

New Titles from RHB

Teach Your Children the Scriptures series


Family Worship in Genesis
by Joel R. Beeke & Nick Thompson

Do you need help teaching the Bible to your family? This guide particularly helps you engage children ages 5–12 while still edifying everyone. The Review/Read/Reflect/Request format makes family worship fulfilling.

Teach Them to Work:

Building a Positive Work Ethic in our Children
by Mary Beeke

Mary will help you find new energy, your household new harmony, and your children a good work ethic through parenting and practical principles that give you the help you need.

The Lord’s Garden series by Diane Kleyn

Devotions for children aged 5 to 9

Taking Root

Bearing Fruit

Sowing the Seed

A garden will never grow and produce fruit unless you plant seeds and tend to them. The spiritual lives of our children are like that – where God is the gardener who gives them life, helps them grow, and makes their lives beautiful.

The Puritan Path:

From the Reformation to the Modern Era: A Pictorial Witness
by Joel R. Beeke & Stephen McCaskell

A pictorial history across two continents about the origins, growth, and influence of the Puritans. Includes additional essays on the Puritans and the filming of the documentary, Puritan.

Weak Pastor, Strong Christ:

Developing a Christ-shaped Gospel Ministry
by Reuben Bredenhof

The apostle Paul’s teaching on ministry in a local church reveals challenges acutely familiar to today’s church leaders: unclear expectations, unhelpful comparisons, style criticisms, vocational stresses, money disputes, and more.

Ten Modern Evangelism Myths:

A Biblical Corrective
by Ryan Denton

Ten Modern Evangelism Myths recounts misconceptions that prevent effective evangelism. Denton provides palatable and easy-to-read responses to them and helps you be clearer about Christianity and more clearly yourself when talking about it.

Preach the Gospel
by Martin Rizley

Gospel preaching was a priority for Jesus. He committed it as a sacred duty to His church. Martin Rizley winsomely describes its nature and necessity—reprioritizing it as Christ intended.

Isaiah: The Holy One of Israel

A Head, Heart, Hands Bible Study
by Sarah Ivill

In a world that doesn’t seem to understand humility we need to understand what true holiness is because God demands this of us—yet only Christ’s humility can secure our holiness.

Classics Reborn with RHB

The Lord’s Supper:

Doctrines, Encouragements, and Duties
by John Shower

In the Lord’s Supper, we express our public gratitude to the Lord Jesus Christ. Shower shows us how we can celebrate His actions in our behalf with love, gratitude, and joy.

Believers’ Evidences for Eternal Life
by Francis Roberts

How do you combat Satan’s whispers in your ear, “You aren’t really a true Christian”? Roberts helps Christians to discern their spiritual state to make their election and calling sure.

The Fountain of Life (in two volumes)
by John Flavel

Christ and His Threefold Office

Meditations on a salvation “revealed by Christ as a Prophet, procured by Him as a Priest, applied by Him as a King” and that help us understand “the transcendent excellency of Jesus Christ.”

Christ Humbled yet Exalted

Christ secures His people a fountain of true joy through His humiliation and exaltation. By them Christ removes our debt and secures an inheritance of joy exceeding any found on earth.

Revelation: Lectures on Chapters 4-11
by James Durham

A Napthali Press Special Edition

Durham was a shining light in Puritanism. This exposition on Revelation contains theological gold though extended essays on the Trinity, ministerial call, justification, and more: Reformed thought at its best.

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Giveaway Rules: You may enter one time. When you enter, you opt-in to receive marketing emails from RHB. Winners will be notified by email. The giveaway closes on Saturday 17th July 2021 at midnight.

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (February 6)

    A La Carte: Anna who waited / The MrBeast within / You can’t appease the unreasonable / The ones who cook / When small frustrations boil over / Names repeated twice / and more.

  • The Parenting Book Too Few Parents Read

    The Parenting Book Too Few Parents Read

    We are blessed to have access to so many excellent books on parenting. From conception to empty nesting, from strong-willed toddlers to rebellious prodigals, from the joy of welcoming a child to the grief of losing one, there is a book to guide and help us. And for that, I am truly thankful. And yet…

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    A La Carte (February 5)

    A La Carte: Hell should unsettle Christians / What authority does a husband have over his wife? / The normalization of polyamory / What do Mormons believe about marriage? / Eleven expressions of gastronomic humility / Kindle deals / and more.

  • Sadness

    What To Do While You Wait To Die

    A friend of mine recently went to be with the Lord after enduring a long battle with leukemia. In his final weeks, as his strength slowly faded away, he told his family that he wished he could write a book titled What To Do While You Wait To Die. There would be no time to…

  • A La Carte Collection cover image

    Weekend A La Carte (February 3)

    Weekend A La Carte: The gospel is about going to heaven when you die / We need more repellently attractional churches / Partiality is not a victimless sin / The single most encouraging thing for a pastor / Amazing grace in deep despair / and more.

  • The Deconstruction of Christianity

    The Deconstruction of Christianity

    There is nothing new and nothing particularly unusual about apostasy—about people who once professed the Christian faith coming to deny it. From the early church to the present day, we have witnessed a long and sad succession of people walking away from Christianity and often doing so with expressions of anger, animosity, and personal superiority.…