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Weekend A La Carte (July 20)

Weekend A La Carte

I made it safely home after a wonderful little trip to Africa. I should have some video to share soon.

Today’s Kindle deals include some new books and some old books—it’s a good selection!

(Yesterday on the blog: New and Notable Books)

Uh, You Should Read FaceApp’s Truly Wild Terms of Service Agreement Before You Use It

That aging app everyone is using? Relevant took a look at the terms of service and summarizes: “That’s a lot of words to basically say your photo forever belongs to Wireless Lab and anyone they want to give it to, to do whatever they want with forever.”

How Can a Survivor Thrive After Sexual Abuse?

He or she really can as Jenn Greenberg shows in this interview. “She was abused by her church-going father. Yet she has retained her faith. She has recently written a courageous, compelling book that reflects on how God brought life and hope in the darkest of situations. Greenberg shows how the gospel enables survivors to navigate issues of guilt, forgiveness, love, and value. And she challenges church leaders to protect the vulnerable among their congregations.”

Inside the “Largest Launch of a Produce Item in American History”

The largest launch of a produce item in American history is coming up this fall. “On a hot morning in Bloom, a time period that those who don’t work with tree fruit might call early May, the subject of this profile was in the midst of a busy couple of weeks, bursting into fuzzy green being somewhere on the order of tens of millions of times over.”

Accusations Fly at Human Rights Hearing into Transgender Woman’s Brazilian Wax Complaint

This is the kind of absurd situations we find ourselves in as a culture today. “A B.C. Human Rights Tribunal hearing devolved into repeated outbursts and name-calling this week as it considered a transgender woman’s complaint that a home-based salon discriminated against her by denying her a Brazilian wax.”

Orientation Identity and the Church

There is lots to highlight and consider in this article about modern notions of identity and how they impact the church. “In this bravest and newest of worlds, people have taken upon themselves the responsibility to self-identify. Looking inwardly for their truth, they examine their thoughts and passions to determine who they are. If their heart is inclined, or oriented, in a certain direction, then that proclivity becomes who they are.”

Why Roy Halladay Took to the Skies

Roy Halladay will soon be in the Hall of Fame. Here’s the story of his amazing life in baseball and his sad, short life after baseball.

Listen Up! Practical Help for Lousy Listeners

I’m more and more convinced of the immense value of being a good listener. “Are you a bad listener? What would your spouse or best friend or children say about you? People tend to think much more highly of themselves than they actually deserve. So what would you say: Are you a good or bad listener?”

Flashback: A Quick Fix for Low Self-Esteem

We gossip when our love for others is too low and our love for self is too high. After all, diminishing an enemy requires far less effort than personal growth. It’s easier to disparage another person than to improve yourself.

Some people think God does not like to be troubled with our constant coming and asking. The way to trouble God is not to come at all.

—D.L. Moody

  • A Deadly Foe of Spiritual Growth

    A Deadly Foe of Spiritual Growth

    As we live out the Christian life and cooperate with the Holy Spirit through the precious means of grace, we face a number of foes, a number of enemies that mean to derail us from our pursuit of God. Of all those enemies, none may be more prevalent and none more deadly than complacency.

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