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This week the blog and the giveaway has been sponsored by Crown & Covenant Publications. They will be giving away five copies of Pastor Rutledge “Rut” Etheridge III”s soon to be published book God Breathed: Connecting through Scripture to God, Others, the Natural World, and Yourself. 

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Coming August 2019!

Self-made truth is the air we breathe in our day, which past philosophers hailed as the Age of the Lonely Self. You feel it when the silence falls around you and the whispers start within you: that growing, gnawing isolation, that deepening detachment from the world, from others, from yourself. God Breathed will help you understand and courageously doubt the popular dogma that God cannot speak, that the Bible is not only inaccurate but impossible. It will help you break out of the soul-suffocating confines of self-made truth. Within the pages of God’s book is the true you, just waiting for you to arrive. God Breathed will help you get there.

Pastor Rutledge “Rut” Etheridge III is assistant professor of biblical studies at Geneva College. His book, God Breathed (Crown & Covenant Publications), releases August 2019.

Rut speaks frequently at youth retreats and theology conferences. He and his wife, Evelyn, have five children. He loves music, the ocean, martial arts (he’s a blackbelt in Gosoku-ryu karate), basketball, coffee, and more coffee.


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