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Weekend A La Carte (July 3)

As you head into another weekend, remember this: God is on his throne. Now, living accordingly.

There is a nice little mix of Kindle deals today with some older books and some newer.

Nostalgic for Events That Haven’t Happened Yet

This article is full of key insights about online versus offline life. “I, like you, am concerned with the content we are all consuming online—whether extremist, explicit, or just entertaining—but I’m as concerned with what the act of consuming content is doing to us as much as I am with the actual nature of the content we consume.”

Why Pastors Have a Unique Responsibility to Counsel

This is good and challenging material from David Powlison. “You must counsel. It’s not optional. You can’t say no as if it were simply a career choice, a matter of personal preference, or an absence of gifting.”

Not So Fruitful!

“Recently, a friend was talking about a particular mission agency and said something along the lines of, ‘they tend to get results, but they cause a lot of broken relationships along the way’. My reply was simple; ‘in that case, they don’t get any results!’.”

God’s Providence in Common Grace

Lara d’Entremont reminds us of the importance of God’s common grace and encourages us not to downplay or neglect it.

Why 7% of Montreal is Moving Today (Video)

Well, it was “today” back on July 1. But here’s a funny little French-Canadian quirk: Most people move on the same day.

Pray That I May Have the Grace to Let You Be My Servant Too

I think Mwansa Mbewe is onto something important here. “Brother, let me be your servant! We are pilgrims on a journey, we are brothers on the road, we are here to help each other walk the mile and bear the load. If this has no meaning now, when will it ever have meaning?”

What the Bible Teaches About Sadness and Joy

“How then does a Christian live wisely within the sadness that marks our lives East of Eden? I suggest we start with laughter. Not our own, of course. To face sadness with merely our own laughter would be foolish, mimicking the existential absurdity of a Werner Herzog film. No, Psalm 2 tells us that God, who sits in the heavens laughs, and if we are to be heavenly minded at all I think we need to start there and only then can we begin to laugh right along with him…”

Flashback: 5 Ways To Minister To Other Christians This Sunday

In every part of the life we share together as a church, we have the ability to minister the truth of God’s Word to others. Who in your church needs you to minister the word to them this Sunday?

It is easy to think we humble ourselves before God. Yet, humility toward men will be the only sufficient proof that our humility before God is real.

—Andrew Murray

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  • Managing Kingdom Causes with Sound Business Principles 

    This week the blog is sponsored by Redeemer University. The word “management” conjures up images of executives leading large corporations with the goal of generating wealth for shareholders. Think of “sustainability” and the lens widens to benefiting other stakeholders like customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. Now, broaden your view even wider. Pan out–way out!…

  • Comparative Suffering

    Comparative Suffering

    It is something you tend to hear a lot when you have endured a time of significant sorrow or suffering: “I know it’s nothing compared to yours, but…” We have a natural tendency to compare—to compare our experiences to another person’s and to rank or rate them accordingly. The person who has suffered the loss…

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    A La Carte (May 27)

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  • A Deadly Foe of Spiritual Growth

    A Deadly Foe of Spiritual Growth

    As we live out the Christian life and cooperate with the Holy Spirit through the precious means of grace, we face a number of foes, a number of enemies that mean to derail us from our pursuit of God. Of all those enemies, none may be more prevalent and none more deadly than complacency.

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    Weekend A La Carte (May 25)

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