Weekend A La Carte (July 7)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Social Media and Churches / Are You Addicted to Your Cell Phone?)

Should Followers of Christ Observe the Torah?

“A great deal of the New Testament is devoted to the question of the Christian’s relationship to the Mosaic Law in the Torah, but if the questions I receive from people are any indication, there’s an increasing amount of confusion among Christians on this topic.” Indeed. Here’s a solid explanation.

Learning to Hate our Sin without Hating Ourselves

Denny Burk and Rosaria Butterfield teamed up to write about their concerns with the “gay Christian” movement. “The current debate about gay Christianity traces back to a centuries-old dispute between Protestants and Catholics about the doctrine of man and the doctrine of sin. Roman Catholics do not regard involuntary desire for sin (concupiscence) to be sinful. Reformed Protestants do.”

How Trees Secretly Talk to Each Other

“Trees talk and share resources right under our feet, using a fungal network nicknamed the Wood Wide Web. Some plants use the system to support their offspring, while others hijack it to sabotage their rivals.” How strange.

How to Discourage a Grieving Friend

We can all grow in our ability to bring comfort to the grieving. “What’s the best way to discourage a grieving friend? I can tell you what I’ve done. I’ve asked numerous questions, trying to fully assess the situation. I’ve mentioned others who are going through similar trials, extolling their bravery and faithfulness. I’ve freely doled out advice, even mini-sermons, to my friends about how their painful situations will turn out for the best. I wasn’t trying to be discouraging. I was trying to help. Surprisingly, my advice didn’t help at all. My words just added to their pain.”

Five Questions I Ask of Every Sermon

I always benefit from articles like this one. “One of the great privileges in my life is preaching God’s word week in and week out. I have been doing this for over fifteen years now and steadily look for ways to grow in my skill as a preacher. One of the unfortunate things I have discovered is that I can fall into lazy habits and practices if I do not think carefully about my sermon preparation.”

Is it Possible to Take The Color Out of Food? Amazing Colorless Food Experiment! (Video)

“In this video I do an experiment to see if you can remove the coloring from food. I talk about color and what causes color to occur. Then I show you how you can remove color by taking the color out of a strawberry using bleach.” Along the way you’ll learn a bit about how color works.


Ray Ortlund shares a solid bit of poetry from Evangeline Paterson.

Flashback: Angered At and Angry With

Sanctification is not only about putting to death those sins that so naturally spill out of me, those sinful behaviors I tend to initiate. It’s also about putting to death the sins that come roaring out when I’m sinned against.

Everything Revolves Around Jesus

This week the blog is sponsored by The Gospel Project, who also wrote this article adapted from Gospel Foundations Volume 1: The God Who Creates. Sponsors play a key role in keeping this site running, so I’m thankful for each and every one of them.

Who is willing to suffer for a Savior they won’t even trouble themselves to learn about? —Aimee Byrd