Weekend A La Carte (June 15)

Today’s Kindle deals include mostly classics, but some newer ones as well.

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You might enjoy exploring Eikon, CBMW’s new journal for biblical anthropology.

(Yesterday on the blog: Whether I Sink Too Low or Soar Too High)

National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

There are some stunning shots in this year’s travel photo contest.

We Will Sneer at Death

What a great promise. “We can die defiantly. We can look our last enemy square in the face, take one last breath, hear one last pulse of our heart, and say this: I will breathe again. This heart will beat again. This body will rise again. Because my sins are gone and my Savior got up from that grave!”


This is a sad but illuminating article on the growing plague of loneliness. It’s full of tremendously interesting insights.

How Much the Everyday Changes When You Have Kids

This series of graphics shows how much life changes when you’ve got kids.

Serving Jesus First – James Kraft

Vance Christie has a mini biography of a man with a familiar name: Kraft.

The 300-Year-Old Robot That Still Shapes AI (Video)

This video shows glimpses of how AI works and how it is trained (by you).

How Can the Wilderness be a Gift?

Vaneetha Risner: “Why does God take us into the wilderness? I have asked that question numerous times, especially when I’ve been surrounded by fears and doubts with no clear way out. I have wondered how long I need to stay in the wilderness and if I’ll even make it through. The wilderness isn’t just a physical place- it symbolizes periods of darkness and struggle, when life feels impossibly heavy and everything looks gray. We enter when our lives aren’t unfolding as we planned, often when we feel lost, useless and alone.”

Flashback: Consecutive Exposition Is Not the Only Way

While God makes it clear that we must preach the Word, he does not specify one method over the other. I wonder if we have veered too far in one direction. This, after all, is our tendency in nearly everything—to swing from wild extreme to wild extreme.

Even when we’re wave-tossed and lost at sea, Jesus remains the captain of the ship and the commander of the storm. —Elliot Clark