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Weekend A La Carte (June 19)

May the Lord bless and keep you as you enjoy him this weekend.

There’s quite a collection of Kindle deals today–for a Saturday, at least.

(Yesterday on the blog: It’s All Chocolate)

The Good Commission

I’ve read many articles on a similar theme, but this one added an interesting element: the notion of “the good commission.”

A Good Friday Ride

Sophia Lee tells about an evangelistic opportunity and how it made her reconsider how astonishing and offensive the gospel is. I’m quite sure I’ve had pretty much that same conversation many times with many Uber drivers!

I Am My Father’s Son

Greg Lucas: “I was sitting with my dad by his hospital bed watching him sleep, or at least he was trying to sleep. The Parkinson’s disease caused him to shake uncontrollably. Even after two implants in his brain to calm the tremors, he still had little use of his fine motor skills. It was difficult for me to look at him in this state, but still I watched, thinking about his life. Thinking about my life.”

Honoring Your Father When He’s Evil

Jennifer Greenberg considering honor toward a father who was downright evil. “In our family, I was taught to honor my father and mother, forgive others, and not gossip, but homes warped by abuse have their own language. ‘Forgive’ meant pretend you’re happy, even when you’re covered in bruises. ‘Honor your father’ meant obey him, even when you’re terrified he might kill you. And we were repeatedly warned not to ‘gossip,’ which meant telling anyone the truth.”

The Word That Never Fades

“On our first visit, this sweet church member wept when we prayed with her. Though her memories collide with the present and it’s challenging for her to stay rooted in the moment, the habits of faith that she has built her life upon still seem to anchor her with recognition of the Lord’s presence. Wherever her mind may travel, He is ever with her.”

What Can We Learn About Prayer From The Life Of Jesus?

Writing for Equip Indian Churches, Dion Steinhauer offers lessons on prayer from the life of Jesus.

Using the H-Word

“I think Christians need a ‘come to Jesus’ moment over their flippant use of the ‘H-word.’ No, I’m not referring to using the biblical term Hell as a cuss word (which is an issue). I’m talking about our casual use of the term heresy.”

Flashback: Are You Content To Carry the Pins?

…whether they carried the most holy or the most common items, their responsibility was to answer God’s call and to faithfully and joyfully carry out their task. We can learn from them.

He never intended this world for our rest, and therefore never appointed us to take our ease in it. This travail is given to us to make us weary of the world and desirous of the remaining rest.

—Matthew Henry

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