Weekend A La Carte (June 9)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Friends to Christ, Strangers To His Church)

Salvation Bracelets in Africa? No, Thanks.

Cultures, and the differences between them, fascinate me. “In order to share the gospel effectively, we must be willing to let go of our assumptions and to sensitively ask lots of questions in order to examine the culture deeply. We have to forget what feels comfortable and natural in our own culture and embrace what works in the culture we’re serving in.”

On Professors and the Cult of Personality

Carl Trueman has an interesting article at Ref21 about some of the temptations specific to professors. “The offer I received was far more dangerous than anything such groups might have made to me. The request was simple: would I be willing to meet with a particular group of students every two weeks in a local bar or restaurant to talk theology? My answer was straightforward and immediate: no.”

06-06-18 Laramie, WY – Tornado (Video)

This is some incredible footage of a massive tornado outside Laramie, Wyoming.

Ten Things You Should Know about Religion in Canada

Canadians seem to lack the statistical studies that our neighbours to the South have. And this means we find it harder to understand our nation’s religious mood and sensibilities. Yet the Angus Reid Institute, Statistics Canada, and a recent study of churches in Southern Ontario provide fascinating insights into our nation’s religious sensibility.”

I Am Afraid of Death

Courtney Reissig: “The zeal of my twenties over dying seemed utterly naïve for a thirty-four-year-old pregnant mother on the verge of losing her son and leaving her older children motherless. Death felt like complete loss, not gain. Death felt like the worst thing that could happen to a person, not the best. Death, when it was crouching at my own door, didn’t seem as appealing as it did when I was strong, healthy, and young.”

The Story of the Indestructable Nazi Death Castles (Video)

I’ve been to Germany a few times, but never came across any of these “death castles.”

Parenting and the Cultural Pressure to Conform

Albert Mohler speaks to parents at this time: “The very fact we believe we are bound by Scripture is increasingly going to be a public scandal. This is the thing: Unless our children develop a love for the Word of God, and unless the Word of God gets into their hearts and penetrates them, then they’re going to see the Word of God as the problem. They’re going to see us as the problem for, in their view, basing prejudicial, hateful, exclusionary beliefs upon an inscripturated claim to revelation.”

Flashback: A Call for Plodding Bloggers

My message for my fellow bloggers is this: Plod on! Be content to be a plodding blogger and trust that God is glorifying himself and blessing his people through your faithfulness.

The Best Audio Bible

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Like wayward sheep we’re prone to wander off and get lost. But it’s the loving mercy of Jesus that brings us back into the fold. —Alistair Begg