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Weekend A La Carte (March 16)

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My thanks goes to Church Social for sponsoring the blog this week. Church Social keeps churches connected by giving congregations a safe place to communicate, share information, and manage membership online. It is software I can gladly recommend since we use it at my church.

Logos users, March Matchups has come down to its penultimate round, so remember to vote once again.

Today’s Kindle deals include a few more interesting books.

(Yesterday on the blog: Ask Pastor John)

I Believe in the Death of Julius Caesar and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Ides of March provides an opportunity to consider the death of Julius Caesar and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Three Reasons Students and Pastors Shouldn’t Use ChatGPT

“Technology is no mere neutral tool. Indeed, nothing is simply neutral. Every form of technology has latent danger, some much greater than others. And tools like ChatGPT, while they do have a specific role and shouldn’t be universally avoided, they should be very carefully employed for their specific end, if at all.”

The Detail in This New 1.3-Gigapixel Photo of a Supernova Is Incredible

Of course technology also allows us to do and see some wonderful things.

New One

I enjoyed this little biographical sketch by Christina Stanton. “At age 14, One Mokgatle lost his father—the rock of his family—to heart failure. Young One wasn’t a Christian, and his father’s death drew him even further away from any desire to explore Christianity or any faith system. ‘I couldn’t understand why God would allow this to happen,’ One recalls. But through God’s saving grace, One would soon begin a journey that would lead to pastoring a church plant, and then ultimately leading the Acts 29 movement all over Africa.”

What Two Raw Vegans Taught Me About Sharing Jesus

Abigail tells what she learned from a couple of raw vegans.

If We Realize We’re Undeserving, Suddenly the World Comes Alive

Indeed, it does, as Randy Alcorn explains here.

Flashback: Children Who Bloom in an Instant

Parents do well to be patient with their children, and not to be overly concerned with those who seem to be blooming slowly.

True joy is only attained when our hearts beat with God’s desires, when we love His will more than our own, and when His desires fuel our desires.

—Kimberly Wagner

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