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Weekend A La Carte (March 7)

If you’d like a free audiobook (and who wouldn’t, really), head over to Christian Audio and grab Bonhoeffer’s classic Life Together.

Today’s Kindle deals include a good collection of newer and older books.

(Yesterday on the blog: When Parents Feel Like We Are Mostly Failing Most of the Time)

God’s Promise to Make Up for the Heartbreaks of This Earth

Randy Alcorn writes about God’s promise to make up in heaven for the heartbreaks of this earth. “I believe the New Earth will offer us opportunities we wished for but never had. God’s original plan was that human beings would live happy and fulfilling lives on Earth. If our current lives are our only chances at that, God’s plan has been thwarted.”

What Will Life in Heaven Be Like?

Colin Smith is thinking about heaven as well. “Here, we go through seasons of feeling distant from God, and we want to have a new and fresh experience of God. But in heaven, you will be before His throne. You will be with Him, and you will enjoy Him forever!”

Why New Diseases Keep Appearing in China (Video)

Vox explains why many of the new diseases we’re seeing today appear first in China. (Also, see Why Coronavirus Is Having a Bigger Impact on Global Airlines Than 9/11 from WSJ.)

Intersectionality and the Church

Rosaria Butterfield tells why intersectionality is not a useful analytical tool for the church. “Churches and parachurch organizations should be aware: intersectionality will not serve the gospel. It will not help you become kinder, more aware of the world around you, or better able to deal with diversity. Rather, it will introduce a new set of false virtues and false vices into your ministry. Take heed to your ministry.”

Why We Give in to Temptation

Mike Emlet writes about why we give in temptation again, and again, and again…

I Illustrated National Parks In America Based On Their Worst Review

This is really funny! “I’m an illustrator and I have always had a personal goal to draw all 62 US National Parks, but I wanted to find a unique twist for the project. When I found that there are one-star reviews for every single park, the idea for Subpar Parks was born. For each park, I hand-letter a line from the one-star reviews alongside my illustration of each park as my way of putting a fun and beautiful twist on the negativity.”

Jesus, the Prostitutes, and Transgender Outreach

Rick Phillips: “It seems that the many on-lookers who view an event such as this in the PCA with bewildered horror – and perhaps even more its fervent defense on social media – fail to appreciate the extent to which secular intersectional teaching has overwritten the logic of biblical holiness in the minds of our peers.”

Flashback: Young Christian: Set an Example

How are young Christians to live differently in their speech and conduct? How can they strive to live godly lives?

I am the subject of depression so fearful…But I always get back again by this—I know that I trust Christ. I have no reliance but in him, and if he falls, I shall fall with him. But if he does not, I shall not.

—Charles Spurgeon

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