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Weekend A La Carte (May 5)

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(Yesterday on the blog: It’s No Tragedy To Miss the Model)

Let Your Kids Experience Failure

“Watching your children fail is much harder than you might expect. Many of us high achievers solve problems for a living. We need to fight against stepping in, constantly fixing problems, or helicopter parenting. Townsend and Cloud, in their book Boundaries With Kids, have a beautiful exchange that grabs the picture here of letting the child learn through failure. They say parents need to stop ‘running interference.’”

Three Types of People Who Hinder the Church

“As we consider the life of the local church, we must beware of three types of people in the church who can bring harm upon themselves while at the same time doing harm to the entire church. Look out for such people and when you identify one in your church—labor in discipleship in order to save them from much error.”

Why Did God Command the OT Killing of Women and Children? (Video)

“Why did God command the OT killing of women and children?” That’s a perplexing question.

When Mommy Grows Up

Here’s one for the moms. Or the dads, for that.

A Dream Deferred

Jasmine Holmes writes about the heartbreak of miscarriage. “Three months after our wedding, I had my first miscarriage. A year after the birth of our son, I had my second. And through the miscarriages, the healthy birth, and my fear of miscarrying again, I’ve learned something about myself. Along with my full-hearted baby dreams, I had an unhealthy dose of my identity wrapped up in my ability to carry children.”

Go to Sleep…God Is Awake

“As Westerners struggling to keep pace in an accelerating world, many of us tend to underrate the value of sleep and overrate our own abilities to go without it. Contrary to what we may believe, besides frustrating nights and drowsy days, sleeplessness can have serious consequences.”

Adam Dunn Had the Weirdest Career in MLB History (Video)

Baseball fans will enjoy this one. “In all of baseball history, you’d be hard pressed to find a statistically weirder career than Adam Dunn’s. The king of the Three True Outcomes, Dunn was both incredibly consistent and full of outliers, and his efforts saved the stamina of countless fielders who got to stay exactly where they were for most of his plate appearances.”

Flashback: I Have Cursed You

I have cursed you, and you have cursed me. We have both sinned and both desperately need to receive and extend the grace of the God who cursed his own Son so we could have forgiveness through him.

Helps for Humanly Impossible Acts

My thanks goes to Crossway for sponsoring the blog this week with this post from John Piper.

Our love grows soft if it is not strengthened by truth, and our truth grows hard if it is not softened by love.

—John Stott

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