Weekend A La Carte (May 7)

May God bless you today as you prepare to gather to worship him on the Lord’s Day.

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Today’s Kindle deals include a number of good options, including Andrew Wilson’s award-winner.

(Yesterday on the blog: As You Pray about Roe v Wade)

Salvation, Past, Present, and Future

So much depends upon properly understanding this: “From one point of view, of course, the Old Testament serves as the model of what Christ would come to accomplish. But Hebrews teaches us never to lose sight of the fact that the priesthood, sacrifices, liturgy and life of the Old Testament church are simply a rough copy. Christ is the original; He is the antitype, the pictures of the Old Testament form the type.”

Four Temptations Young Preachers May Face

Chopo Mwanza suggests four temptations that may be especially troublesome for young preachers.

4 Reasons We Should Study the Book of Revelation

Nancy Guthrie offers four good reasons to study the book of Revelation.

My Slave, My Choice

Many people treat the pro-choice cause as if it is on the side of science, but as this article shows, there are other terrible things that have once been said to be on the side of science.

A Molech Primer

“Ever since the Roe vs. Wade case main-streamed abortion in the United States, the ability to take the life of one’s baby has achieved a religious status. Judging by responses to news that Roe vs. Wade may be overturned, people have certainly responded as if their idols were under attack. I think it is helpful for Christians to understand that abortion does indeed function as a sort of sacrament in our society. But we are not alone.”

In Christ, We Have Direct Access to God

Let’s never lose the wonder of having direct access to God!

Flashback: Advance! Advance in Submission

Young Christian, you are also commanded to heed the fifth commandment. How can you expect to obey God through great accomplishments later in life if you will not obey God in this simple command now?