Weekend A La Carte (November 7)

Let me begin with a few personal updates. First, thanks to all who have chosen to support me through Patreon; your support is much appreciated. Second, I had a very productive week finishing off a book on productivity; it should be available soon. Finally, by popular request I am working on PDF versions of the theological quizzes I have been sharing; they should be ready by next week. And now, here are today’s links.

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Women Preachers?

Perry Noble recently made the case for women preachers. Tom Schreiner provides a measured and helpful response.

The Celebrity Pastor Factory

This is a strong article. “Celebrity pastors are not a new phenomenon, nor is our human tendency to exalt our leaders to unsustainable heights. What is new is the number of celebrity pastors and the speed at which they are being created and corrupted.”

What Makes Muscles Grow?

This little video explains how and why muscles grow.

The Blind Eyes of Abortion

John Knight, whose son was born without eyes, tells of his sorrow in hearing Planned Parenthood abortionists laughing together about tearing babies apart (and seeing eyeballs fall out).

Pastors Are Holding Up Just Fine

Ed Stetzer: “Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve published a couple of blog posts in an attempt to further squelch the false idea that pastors are constantly miserable and that thousands of them are leaving the church each year. The fact is, they are doing just fine.”

This Day in 680. 1,335 years ago today, an ecumenical council held at Constantinople condemned monethelitism, the teaching that Christ’s human will is superceded by his divine will. *

What His Daughter Remembered

Randy Alcorn: “Some years ago, I sat with my daughters at a wonderful father/daughter banquet at our church. Someone at the table asked my youngest daughter, Angela, what I’d done that made the biggest impression on her. I had no idea what she would say, but of course I hoped for something spectacular.”

Paying for Air

“Ever opened a seemingly full bag of crisps to find it mostly empty space? One artist was so frustrated with the problem that he decided to size up some of the worst offenders.”

Christian Leaders: It’s Time for More Content Ministry

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