Weekend A La Carte (October 1)

Blessings to you as you work, serve, and/or worship this weekend.

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(Yesterday on the blog: Getting Masculinity Right)

Be Obedient Even When You Don’t Understand the Command

“Between our own sinfulness, our lack of knowledge about God and his world, and the influence of the culture, we’re all susceptible to thinking we’re a better judge of what is good than God is.” And this means that we need to obey God, even when we don’t fully understand.

Since Scripture is sufficient, should we avoid using creeds, confessions, and catechisms? (Video)

This is a good question. I have seen it go two ways: some deprioritizing Scripture in favor of creeds, confessions, and catechisms and some thinking they have no place at all. Robert Godfrey’s answer is a good one.

The Pastor and Church Administration

This new issue of the 9Marks Journal may prove helpful to pastors and others.

The Problem of Gospel-less Gospel-Centered Sermons

J.A. Medders: “We are in an era of wonderful gospel-centered seminaries, gospel-centered books, gospel-centered ministries, and gospel-centered preaching. But we have a problem.”

Christianity and Indigenous Peoples in Canada

This interesting article traces some of the history of Christianity among Canada’s Indigenous people. “In the 2011 Canadian census, which is the most recent one to give us information on religion, 63% of Indigenous respondents self-identified as Christian, compared to 67% of non-Indigenous respondents.”

Joy in the Morning

“‘How do you feel joy in the middle of suffering?’ I’m still working it out. As much as I want to tell people that I have happy emotions in the night, that’s just not always the case. But I do have certainty that the Lord will not fail me. That He keeps me. And with time, that certainty unfurls in my heart with gladness of the soul. Joy. She stretches out and takes up residence with her neighbor—suffering.”

Flashback: Two Habits of Successful Parents

It is an incredible honor that God allows us to create, birth, and raise other human beings made in his image. With this incredible honor comes great responsibility. You’re unlikely to fulfill this task well, or as well as you could have, without the input of the community God has given you. So take advantage of it!