Weekend A La Carte (October 13)

Today I bring you A La Carte from Quito, Ecuador. If you’re in the area, I’d love to meet you at La Fuente Iglesia on Sunday evening.

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Always Wanting More

“The problem with comparison isn’t that we don’t think enough of ourselves. It’s that we think too much of ourselves. We want more glory. More attention. And we have swallowed this world’s lie that the way to get all of those things that we want is to be physically beautiful with talent to spare.”

The Solution to American Tribalism is … Belief in Satan

This could be true! “Unless you believe in demons, you will begin to demonize whatever political apparatus you find yourself opposing. You will treat your political and cultural opponents not as compatriots with wrong opinions, but as the ultimate enemy of the human race, and imagine that you are involved in a life or death struggle against them. And that, in turn, justifies whatever you think you need to say about them or do to them in order to stop them.”

Vulnerability, Humility, Hagar and Naivasha

Here’s a sad but still hopeful dispatch from overseas. “This is what living vulnerably in the real world looks like. We are not in control of a thousand things around us, we are just showing up and trying to do our best. Trying to be a flickering light. Trying to bring a small measure of order, accountability, education, healing into a place where some people are eager for the mentoring and burden-sharing, and others may resent the intrusion. Trying to walk a line of faith, of praying against injustice, of seeing the best in others, of waiting for God to act . . . without feeling complicit in a system that is deeply flawed.”

Watch a Runner With Cerebral Palsy Land a Surprise Contract With Nike (Video)

You’ll enjoy this one. “Justin Gallegos is a junior at the University of Oregon and a member of the school’s running club. He also has Cerebral Palsy and last week announced that he will be the first ever athlete with the disability to sign a pro contract with Nike. You can watch the video of Nike surprising him with the pro contract offer after a cross country race below and be warned, it’s pretty emotional.”

A Sonnet

Let’s have more poets share their work, please.

How Hillsong Church Conquered the Music Industry in God’s Name

This is an interesting look at Hillsong’s musical empire. “Hillsong’s three bands in their various formations have produced almost 100 albums. Their songs are sung by an estimated 50 million people across denominations and countries each week, and in January 2018, they won their first Grammy. According to data given to The FADER by Nielsen, songs written by the three Hillsong bands have been streamed on-demand more than 760 million times since December 29, 2017. For comparison, over the same time period, that’s only 10 million fewer than Justin Bieber…”

Apple Under Fire for Allegations of Controversial Business Practices (Video)

“The National goes undercover to investigate some of Apple’s controversial business practices including allegations of overpriced repair charges and the battery/slowdown scandal.” I love Apple products but I hope they (and other manufacturers) take seriously the right to repair.

The Most Epic Tale of All Time

The sponsored post this week from Crossway is adapted from the ESV Story of Redemption Bible: A Journey through the Unfolding Promises of God. I am so thankful for each and every one of this site’s sponsors.

Flashback: Set an Example in Your Speech

You communicate constantly and every one of your words matters. Every one of your words displays your heart. Do your words set an example for others to imitate?

Do nothing you would not like God to see. Say nothing you would not like God to hear. —J.C. Ryle