A La Carte (June 10)

May the Lord be with you and bless you today.

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Westminster Books is offering a deep discount on a book I reviewed last week.

Today’s Kindle deals include two books that have been meaningful to me: The Call by Os Guinness and Out of a Far Country by Christopher & Angela Yuan.

Queer Nation Is No Nation At All

Carl Trueman: “Flags typically serve as rallying points for unity. They point to something a culture considers sacred. The Stars and Stripes was, for many generations, precisely such a rallying point in America. The fact that flag burning, while protected by the Constitution, was deemed by both its opponents and proponents to be remarkably serious, speaks to this: One cannot desecrate that which is not considered sacred.”

Pastor, Don’t Give Them an Unrealistic Christianity

This is a call for realism. “Applying a sermon on Monday morning is difficult. Living in light of what you read at 7:00 a.m. can be difficult by 8:00 a.m. The joy of fellowship can give way to the frustration of isolation when you hang up the phone or part ways in the coffee shop parking lot.”

Truth on Fire (Free ebook!)

The Good Book Company is giving away a free ebook of Truth on Fire by Adam Ramsey. In the book, Adam encourages readers to know God truly and experience him deeply. (Sponsored Link)

Why Should Pastors Avoid Online Quarrels?

“I like to post pictures of my kids and family, delicious food I enjoy with my wife, a few quotes from Christian books I’m reading, and an occasional funny Christian meme on social media. But I rarely engage in online debates.” Here’s why one pastor uses social media for some things, but not for quarrels.


“We do crave connection and care. We will always be partial to humans over machines because we are humans, and humans are not machines. We are made for more than cold perfection—we are made for connection. We are made to relate.”

On Penguins and Christian Unity 

Here’s how penguins model the way Christians ought to be.

What Is the Goal of Parenting?

“What is the goal of parenting? The answer to this question is going to define how you approach the task. Your daily decisions will largely be determined by what you identify as the answer.” Indeed…

Flashback: Blessed Are the Weak!

It is embedded deep within our depraved nature to regard weakness as misfortune, feebleness as failure, lack of physical strength as lack of divine favor. But nothing could be further from the truth, for weakness draws the eye of God, the heart of God, the strength of God.

None can build a beautiful, shining character upon covered sins. Joy is part of a complete Christian life, and no one can be joyous with sins concealed in his heart. —J.R. Miller