A La Carte (March 5)

You Don’t Need a Bucket List – Randy Alcorn explains that because of the resurrection you do not need to have a bucket list.

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Everything a Child Should Know About God – Westminster Books has a great sale on an excellent new book meant to teach the basics of theology to young kids. I read through it a while ago and am glad to recommend it.

Lord, Make Me a Generous Father – “It takes my breath away to consider that, whether they know it or not, the primary way my kids are learning about their Father in heaven is through their father on earth.”

10 Ways to Hate People – It’s a quick, bulleted list, but each of them merits some thought.

MereChurch – MereChurch is a new company that wants to help good churches have good and cost-effective web sites.

Worship Is More Important than Your Small Group – I completely agree.

How We Study the Bible – This is helpful: 5 people offer a short explanation as to how they read the Bible day-by-day.

Man was never meant to be a god, but he is forever trying to deify himself. —Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Lloyd Jones