A Prayer Before Listening to Sunday’s Sermon

I am very much enjoying Piercing Heaven, a wonderful collection of Puritan prayers. Here is one that seems especially suitable for a Sunday morning, before you listen to that sermon.

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Lord, I am now entering into your presence, to hear you speak from heaven to me, to receive your rain and spiritual dew, which never return in vain, but ripen a harvest either of corn or weeds, of grace or judgment.

My heart is prepared, O Lord, my heart is prepared to learn and to love any of your words. Your law is my counselor; I will be ruled by it. It is my physician; I will be a patient under it. It is my schoolmaster; I will be obedient to it.

But who am I that I should promise any service to you? And who is your minister that he should do any good to me, without your grace and heavenly call?

Be therefore pleased to reveal your own Spirit to me, and to work in me that which you require. Amen.