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A Prayer for a Sunday Evening

A Prayer for a Sunday Evening

I am really enjoying Piercing Heaven, a wonderful collection of Puritan prayers. Here is one that seems especially suitable for a Sunday evening.

Holy and eternal Lord, I confess those many weaknesses and imperfections which I have been guilty of today. I call on you for the pardon and forgiveness of my sins.

I have heard your word, but with such deadness and distraction, that I have been a very unprofitable and forgetful hearer. I have done your work, but negligently.

But you are rich in mercy and redemption. Do not count against me what I have done wrong. Pardon my transgressions, negligence, and ignorance.

Cover my imperfections with the perfect and absolute obedience of your dear Son. Accept those sacrifices which I have offered to you today in and for that sacrifice Christ Jesus offered upon the cross.

Ease me of the burden of all my sins, and give me grace to arise from the slumber of sin to newness of life. Help me walk according to your holy word, until I attain the end of my faith, the salvation of my soul in the day of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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