A Prayer for Our Lack of Love

God tells us to love one another–to love others in much the way we so naturally love ourselves. Yet each of us must admit we have failed to do so. In this corporate prayer of confession, prayed recently at Grace Fellowship Church, we confess that lack of love.

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O God of Love,
We have not loved our enemies. (Matthew 5:44)
We have not prayed for those who persecute us. (Matthew 5:44)
We have not fed them when they were hungry. (Romans 12:20)
We have not given our enemies something to drink when they were thirsty. (Romans 12:20)

We have cursed those who cursed us. (Luke 6:28)
We have repaid evil to those who were evil to us. (Romans 12:17)
We have taken vengeance, instead of leaving room for you to do it. (Romans 12:19)
We have too often been overcome by evil, rather than overcome evil with good. (Romans 12:21)

We have forgotten that we were once your enemies. (Romans 5:10)
We have forgotten that you sent rain and sunshine on us, even when we despised you. (Matthew 5:45)

O Lord, remember Jesus when you look at us.
Remember how He saved us by His life, and reconciled us by His death. (Romans 5:10)
While we were weak, while we were sinners, while we were enemies, You loved us.
Please make us more like You.
Help us to love our enemies.

Our sins are many, but Your mercy is more.
So we trust in the finished work of Christ alone for our forgiveness. Amen.