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Headlines (December 10)

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Gay Marriage Update – Last night Canadians were indundated with pictures of gay men hugging and kissing and celebrating as they heard the news that the Supreme Court, as expected, had allowed a law move forward that will legalize gay marriage across the country. “The Supreme Court of Canada said Thursday that Ottawa has sole authority to redefine marriage to include same-sex couples, but that religious officials can’t be forced to perform weddings against their beliefs.” Needless to say, religious leaders are nervous about the tables being turned against them when they refuse to marry a gay couple. It seems that the law will initially include a statement saying that they are allowed to refuse to perform a ceremony based on grounds of moral convictions but I don’t think most are convinced that will last long. Read more here.

Agenda-Driven Entertainment – Rebecca Hagelin of
The Heritage Foundation has an interesting article at where she writes about agenda-driven entertainment and how “many sitcoms are created not simply to entertain. They are created to drive an agenda, to further a world-view, to break down “barriers”.” She writes “I’ve written before about how MTV has made a big business out of manipulating our teens’ minds for money, all the while pushing them further into the abyss of an already over-sexualized culture. But parents of even the youngest children must understand that much of today’s TV programming for their tots is designed to be the first of a gradual breaking down of sensitivities and values.”

3:17 – I want to give a shout out here to Mark, who posts in the forums at this site as jmark. His blog 3:17, which I only just discovered a couple of weeks ago, is already brimming with great articles and information. I have added it to the list of sites I visit on a regular basis.

Tired – I woke up last night, sometime around 3 or 4 in the morning, to find my daughter sleeping on my head. She had found her way into my bed and decided to sleep draped across my head. Her feet were on one side, her head on the other, and her body pressed into my face. I am assuming it was much more comfortable for her than it was for me, because while I love to cuddle her, I also enjoy breathing. I moved her, she woke up, and that was pretty well the end of a good night’s sleep for any of us. Ah, the joys of parenting!

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