King for a Week – Between Two Worlds

King for a Week is an honor I bestow on blogs that I feel are making a valuable contribution to my faith and the faith of other believers. Every week I select a blog, link to it from my site, and add that site’s most recent headlines to the left sidebar of my site. While this is really not much, I do feel that it allows me to give honor where I feel honor is due.

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This week’s King of the Week is Between Two Worlds, which is owned and operated by Justin Taylor. Justin’s site is primarily a listing of news that is of interest to Christians. Justin is also a contributor to the Reformation21 blog.

As I understand it, Justin has about the easiest job in the world. He is listed as the author (or editor) of four books, but has never written more than a chapter for any of them! He merely writes the introduction, has little-known people like J.I. Packer and John Piper write the content, and then puts his own name on the cover. It has to be a great gig! All joking aside, I had the privilege of meeting Justin at last year’s Desiring God National Conference and he and I have become friends through this crazy thing we do called blogging. I have come to see that Justin is the real deal. I admire him and am glad to see him using his talents to further the kingdom.

I continue to accept nominations for King of the Week. If you have a site you would like to nominate, feel free to do so by clicking on the “suggest” button below the King of the Week box. Thanks to those of you who nominated this week’s honoree.