King For A Week – WOTM Radio

King for a Week is an honor I bestow on blogs that I feel are making a valuable contribution to my faith and the faith of other believers. Every week (or so) I select a blog, link to it from my site, and add that site’s most recent headlines to the sidebar on this site. While this is really not much, I do feel that it allows me to encourage and support other bloggers while making my readers aware of other good sites.

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This week’s award goes to a site that wins it on a technicality. Way of the Master Radio is not actually a blog. As you may have guessed from the name, it’s a radio broadcast. Yet, because they use a blog to post the new shows and because they offer a podcast of the previous day’s show, I thought it would qualify as King for a Week. WOTM Radio is a daily broadcast featuring Todd “Freakishly Tall” Friel with occasional appearances by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. The show covers issues relevant to the contemporary church and also broadcasts daily attempts to evangelize unbelievers which showcase the Way of the Master technique to get people to consider how they have broken the Laws of God. Todd combines a great sense of humor with a thorough knowledge of the truth to create an enjoyable listening experience. I have listened to many of their podcasts and am glad to commend them to you.

In the coming days you will be able to see the most recent shows listed in the sidebar of my site. I hope you will make your way over the site, look around, and listen in to the Way of the Master podcast. I’m sure you’ll find it worth while.

I continue to accept nominations for King of the Week. If you have a site you would like to nominate, feel free to do so. Thanks to those of you who nominated this week’s honoree.