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Memorizing Scripture (Transition Week)

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Those of us who are participating in the “Memorizing Scripture Together” program have come to the close of our second long passage. Those who have followed along from the beginning should now have stored away in their hearts and minds both Psalm 8 and Psalm 103. To those who have managed to do one or both, congratulations! I told you that you weren’t too old…

I know there are some who have not quite finished with the passages. Hence, I am going to declare this a transition week meaning that there will be no new long passage. Instead, I’d encourage you to practice (and practice again) the two Psalms we’ve memorized. And if you need a bit of extra time to perfect them, that is what this week is all about.

Tune in next Sunday and I’ll announce our next long passage. It’s going to be a good one…

If you’d like to participate beginning next week, just add your name to the list and you’ll receive an email on Sunday…

If you need some more encouragement to memorize Scripture, you may be interested in this recent sermon by John Piper. He titled it “If My Words Abide in You.” It deals with the necessity of storing up God’s Word in our hearts. It would be well worth your time listening to (or reading through). You can find the link here.

Here is part of the message’s summary: “What does this mean to have Jesus’ words “abiding in us”? More than memorizing Scripture, it means that Jesus’ words take root in us–they find a home in us–and bear the fruit of faith and holiness. But what does this have to do with memorizing Scripture? The broad biblical answer is that the Holy Spirit awakens life and faith and personal transformation through the word of God in our conscious minds. And anything that brings the word of God into connection with our minds will work to strengthen faith and bring about the fruit of transformed lives–and not just our own, but the lives of others also. Memorizing Scripture makes this kind of connection between God’s word and our minds more constant, deep, and transforming. Nothing else can take its place.”

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