Renaming The Doctrines of Grace

English-speaking Reformed believers have long been taught the acronym TULIP as a memorization aid to the doctrines of grace. In classic Calvinist terminology, the letters stand for:

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T – Total Depravity
U – Unconditional Election
L – Limited Atonement
I – Irresistable Grace
P – Perseverance of the Saints

Recently many authors and theologians have realized the shortcomings with trying to make theology fit into nice acronyms. In the case of TULIP, several of the terms have not received the most appropriate names in order to make them fit the acronym. Here are a few I have found that have chosen to rename them.

In The Doctrines of Grace, James Boice and Philip Ryken have chose to go with:

Radical Depravity
Unconditional Election
Particular Redemption
Efficacious Grace
Persevering Grace

R.C. Sproul in Chosen By God choose to use:

Radical Corruption
Sovereign Election
Limited Atonement
Effectual Grace
Preservation of the Saints

Finally, In his book Putting Amazing Back Into Grace Michael Horton goes with a Message-like adaptation of the terms:

Rebels Without A Cause
Grace Before Time
Mission Accomplished
Intoxicating Grace
No Lost Causes

It seems there is widespread disillusionment with the old classic TULIP. Having read the arguments, I tend to agree that it would be worth losing the acronym.

Does anyone know of other adaptations of the doctrines of grace? Do you agree or disagree with dismantling TULIP?