The Beauty of Banff

In the aftermath of all the trials and traumas of the past month, my family decided it would be wise to take a brief vacation, an opportunity to regroup, to consider the way forward. With most destinations completely or functionally closed to us, we set out for the province of Alberta, one of only four places in the world we could visit without quarantining on the way in or out. We spent most of our time exploring Banff National Park, though we also made some forays to a couple of other nearby national and provincial parks. As always, I had my camera with me and thought I’d share just some of the wintery beauty of Banff.

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We all found the time helpful. Though in a sense it was a kind of procrastination before getting back to real life, it was also a time to appreciate beauty, to appreciate God’s handiwork in creation, to remind ourselves of his power and majesty. With most tourists locked in their own countries, it was also hauntingly empty most of the time, which I admit, somewhat selfishly, was like a dream come true to me. (We had a morning at Lake Louise, one of Canada’s top tourist spots, where we were literally the only people there.) Sometimes I would go to a spot in the morning and sit there for two hours by myself with not a single person to be seen or heard. That solitude was a blessing all its own.

Anyway, if you are interested, you can watch the slideshow below, or view the photo gallery here. (I expect those who receive the email will need to click through.)