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Books I Recommend: Technology

This is a list of books I recommend on the subject of technology and social media.

My book The Next Story deals with technology in general and digital technologies in particular.

Top Recommendation

Digital Liturgies by Samuel James.

James means to convince Christians that God calls us to live according to divine wisdom and that the internet is an epistemological and moral context that makes such wisdom look like foolishness. If we are to thrive as Christians who take advantage of these technologies instead of eschewing them altogether, we will need to know how they are leading us to adopt and practice liturgies that are directly opposed to a Christian life of godliness, wisdom, and significance. Though I have studied these issues deeply in the past, I still benefited a lot from James’ insights and am grateful I read them.

Other Recommendations

Terms of Service by Chris Martin. The goal of this book “is to help you recognize that social media is changing the way you think, feel, and live. Like water to a fish, social media has come to pervade the lives of everyone.” (See also Martin’s The Wolf in Their Pockets.)

The Age of AI by Jason Thacker. Thacker takes digital devices as his starting point and focuses on what’s behind these technologies. He focuses on the programs, algorithms, and artificial forms of intelligence that are driving them.