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Books I Recommend: Work

What we do matters, but many Christians simply have not thought about what it means to do work in a distinctly Christian way. Here are some book recommendations on work (or vocation).

Top Recommendation

Work by Daniel Doriani.

Doriani covers some common territory such as that biblical theology of work and that false dichotomy between vocations that are sacred and secular. But he also adds some thought-provoking material about the things we may take for granted in a society dominated by a very utilitarian view of work and workers. He aptly shows how the sometimes cutthroat practices of business in a capitalist context may not be fully compatible with a biblical view of love and justice. He calls for hard work, but also deliberate rest from that work. He calls for us to be generally satisfied in the stations to which God has called us, but also to be willing and perhaps even eager to take opportunities to bring reform. He shows how there is dignity in all legitimate work, but also shows how some forms of work genuinely matter more than others.

Other Recommendations

What’s Best Next by Matt Perman – Perman advocates what he calls “gospel-driven productivity” and applies Christian thought to many of today’s best books on productivity.

The Gospel at Work by Greg Gilbert & Sebastian Traeger – This book helps Christians see how they can apply the gospel to their everyday work.