Book Review Updates

It’s Tuesday today, and that means we have a new lot of reviews for you to read over at Discerning Reader. We’ve also got a fascinating interview with one of the authors whose work we have reviewed today. So read on!

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To start, I’ve added a short review of Iain Murray’s The Life of John Murray. It is not an exhaustive biography of the great Westminster theologian, but it is a good one and is well worth adding to any library.

James Anderson has written two reviews this week, the first of Revelation and Reason, a collection of scholarly essays on Reformed presuppositional apologetics, the purpose of which is to explore how revelation (specifically, Scripture) informs and constrains our use of reason in defending the claims of Christianity.

James has also reviewed Putting Jesus in His Place, a book he says is “the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and readable defense of the deity of Christ available today.” He also shares a fascinating interview with J. Ed Komoszewski, one of the authors.

Mark Tubbs also offers two reviews, the first of Douglas Wilson’s The Serrated Edge: A Brief Defense of Biblical Satire and Trinitarian Skylarking and the second of John Piper’s devotional Pierced by the Word.

Finally, Scott Lamb provides a review of the ESV Children’s Bible, a Bible he says is “a complete ESV Bible that is truly put together in a child-friendly way to encourage reading and spiritual growth.”