Final Call (February 1)

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Second Opinion

The Story of RealityI recently reviewed Greg Koukl’s book The Story of Reality. So, too, did David Steele, whose reviews I always enjoy. Here is what he says about it: “The Story of Reality is a very important book. This book should be devoured again and again by Christian people. And this book should be gifted to people who have yet embraced the Story. Koukl writes with an engaging style. He steers clear from philosophical buzzwords but never dumbs down the content. This is a Story that needed to be told. Readers who take the time to digest this excellent material will be blessed beyond measure.”

Meanwhile, at CrossExamined, Timothy Fox says this: “Greg has created a hard decision for me. Whenever anyone asked for a recommendation for an apologetics book, my number one choice without hesitation was always his previous book, Tactics. That is the book to learn how to navigate any conversation with ease and grace. But now I’m torn because The Story of Reality is so foundational. It surveys the entire Christian worldview simply and thoroughly while handling common objections. Maybe next time some asks for my number one apologetics resource, I’ll just flip a coin. But either way, the top honor belongs to Greg Koukl.”

Mini Q&A

Q: Would you describe what you believe God is?

A: Certainly. But I’m going to cheat and simply share the definition from the Shorter Catechism. I could write all day and pour out thousands of words and never do better than this: “God is a Spirit, infinite, eternal, and unchangeable, in his being, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, and truth.” That one is worth memorizing. As a Christian, I love it for the way it beautifully distills truth; as a writer I love it for the way it reads so nicely and flows so smoothly.

Indelible Grace

I’d like to assume that everyone has heard of Indelible Grace, but I’ve learned not to make such assumptions. Indelible Grace is in many ways responsible for the recent movement to recover and retune old hymns. They do it well. Their albums are all available for listening or purchase on Bandcamp. I go back and forth on which is my favorite, but usually land on Joy Beyond the Sorrow. Here it is:

Tools I Use

I know some people appreciate when I write about the tools I use to do my tasks. Here are a few articles you may find useful: