1st Annual Evangelical Blog Awards (Help Wanted)

I generally don’t go for all these blog awards, but because I consider myself a responsible member of the blogosphere and enjoy the Evangelical Underground, I will play along. Evangelical Underground is hosting the 1st Annual Evangelical Blog Awards. My site has been nominated thus far in the category of “Best Designed Evangelical Blog.” In order to maintain my place in that category, I require nominations. After all nominations are in place, the top 5 in each category will eligible to receive votes for the awards. Therefore, I am supposed to get my readers to send their nominations to ensure I am eligible for the award. Got all that? Great. So here is how you do it:

Become a Patron

Send an email to [email protected] and nomimate this blog. You could send an email with a subject of Nomination and this in the body:

I’d like to nominate Challies Dot Com at / for Best Designed Evangelical Blog.

To make it easy, the following link will open your mail program and set the email up for you (neat trick, eh?). nominate me!

I guess you can feel free to nominate me in other categories as well. International Blog sounds like a good one so I can represent Canada. The other categories for which I am eligible are Overall and Apologetics. If you are Emergent or Arminian, perhaps you’d like to nominate me for Humorous Blog as well (that’s a joke). If you want to send an email nominating me for the lot, click here!

Now I am going to post this with the greatest of embarrassment. I have made it a policy to never “take” from the readers of this site. People have often asked why I do not have advertising banners, a “tip jar” and so on. Well now you know. But to be a good, supportive citizen of the blogosphere I am asking my readers to do this for me if they are so inclined.